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Say goodbye to overheating, sinky pillows and hello to the comfiest, coziest, coolest pillow of them all! 


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Beautiful Design, Luxury Feel

Sleep hot and struggle to find a pillow that works for you? I'm happy to say your search has ended. Our Cool, gel-infused foam pillow is specifically designed to be ventilated for breathable comfort. It also comes with a two-sided cover for versatility, with an incredible cooling side that dissipates body heat!





Gel Memory Foam



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10/10: Very Happy!


I really love this pillow! I have some neck issues and ever since I got it, I've been much less tense. The memory foam really does keep me comfortable but its also sturdy enough to keep my head up instead of sinking down. Plus, it stay cool all night!

John Kowalsky

Verified Purchase

9/10: Great for Side & Back Sleepers.

I've never used a memory foam pillow, but i'm glad I tried this. I hate feeling sunken into a pillow, but this conforms nicely and raises my head so I don't feel like I'm sinking. I sleep on my side and always use the cooling side. I would recommend for those who need a pillow that can manage body heat because I sleep really hot. 

Victoria Lendi

Verified Purchase

10/10: Makes a great gift!


Got this for my mother who has neck, back, and hip issues and she absolutely loves it! We've tried a bunch of pillows from alllllll over and nothing seemed to do the trick. Regular memory foam was too dense and latex was too bouncy. My mom says the gel-infused memory foam gives a balanced feel. Definitely the way to go!

Amanda Break

Verified Purchase

All-Season, Luxury Comfort

Did you know?

83% of people say that their current pillow is either too hard, too soft, too tall or too hot. That's why we've developed the most balanced pillow on the market. By combining gel-infused memory foam with cooling fabrics, we've created a pillow which balances comfort, feel, size, and better yet- it won't hurt your wallet!



So is this Pillow right for me?

This pillow is really, really cool!

Featuring a patented cool-touch cover and gel infused memory foam, plus an open-cell structure for ventilation, this pillow will dissipate heat to ensure you sleep cool, comfy, and cozy! How cool is that?!

Wait, pillows can be supportive AND comfy? You bet!

Not only is gel-infused memory great for regulating temperature, but it offers the perfect balance of sturdy support and cradling comfort. If you're looking for superior neck and head support, look no further!

Not one, but two fabrics!

The two sided cover features patented cool-touch technology to dissipate body heat and a neutral side for customizable comfort.

Studies show sleeping cool is better for your health

If you struggle to sleep cool at night, this pillow could be just what you're looking for. 

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